First overview of a measurement

Measuring cw-EPR spectra of samples often results in a series of measurements, and one of the first tasks is to get an overview what has been measured and how the results look like.

To this end, a series of tasks needs to be performed on each dataset:

  1. Baseline correction (at least zeroth-order)

  2. Frequency correction (to be comparable)

  3. Simple plot for graphical display of recorded data

Furthermore, it can be quite useful to automatically generate a well-formatted report including the metadata (such as the parameters and settings used to record the data) as well.

Complete recipe for getting a first overview of a recorded spectrum, with zeroth-oder baseline correction, frequency correction, a simple 1D plot, and a report covering as well the metadata contained in the dataset.
 2  type: ASpecD recipe
 3  version: '0.2'
 6  default_package: cwepr
 7  autosave_plots: false
10  datasets_source: ../../tests/io/testdata/
13- BDPA-1DFieldSweep
16- kind: processing
17  type: BaselineCorrection
18  comment: Zero-order to remove DC offsets
19- kind: processing
20  type: FrequencyCorrection
21  properties:
22    parameters:
23      frequency: 9.5
24  comment: Always important to be comparable between measurements
25- kind: singleplot
26  type: SinglePlotter1D
27  properties:
28    parameters:
29      show_legend: true
30      show_zero_lines: true
31    filename: BDPA-FieldSweep.pdf
32    caption:
33      title: A first look at the recorded data.
34      text: >
35        The spectrum has been baseline and frequency-corrected,
36        but is otherwise displayed as recorded.
37  apply_to:
38  - BDPA-1DFieldSweep
39- kind: report
40  type: LaTeXReporter
41  properties:
42    template: dataset.tex
43    filename: BDPA-FieldSweep-Report.tex
44  apply_to:
45  - BDPA-1DFieldSweep
46  compile: true