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Importer for the Bruker EMX and ESP format.

The Bruker EMX and ESP formats are used by older Bruker EPR spectrometers, namely old EMX spectrometers running WinEPR and the ESP line of spectrometers.

A bit of a problem with these two formats is that they are quite similar, but not the same. Namely the format of the file containing the data in binary representation is completely different. The way to tell those two formats apart is to import the .par file and look, if it contains DOS Format in the first line.



Importer for the Bruker ESP and EMX formats.

The Bruker EMX and ESP formats consist of two files, a data file with extension “spc” and a parameter file with extension “par”. The particular problem with these two file formats is the different format of the binary data used. From the official specifications, there is no way to discriminate between ESP format (using Motorola format, translating to four-byte integer big endian), while the (old) EMX format (newer EMX machines probably use the BES3T format, see for details) uses standard IEEE binary, translating to eight-byte float little endian.

Furthermore, the parameter file usually contains only those values that deviate from the standard values given in the specification. Both are getting imported and the standard values overwritten by the differing values specified in the parameter file.

New in version 0.2.