You're reading an old version of this documentation. For up-to-date information, please have a look at v0.3. module

Exporters for both, whole datasets as well as data alone.


There are two different general types of exporters provided: Exporters for whole datasets i.e. data with their according metadata and exporters for data only.


All metadata contained within a dataset (including the full history) are lost when exporting to plain text. Therefore, using this exporter will usually result in you loosing reproducibility. Hence, better think twice before using this exporter and use entirely on your own risk and only if you really know what you are doing (and why).

For further details and a comprehensive summary of data export, the reader is referred to the aspecd-documentation (

If you want to export data to a txt-file, you might want to use the



Export a dataset in ASCII format.

Exports the complete dataset to an ASCII file. At the same time, the respective metadata is exported into a YAML file using the functionality provided by aspecd. Metadata residing there as an object of the class numpy.ndarray are converted into lists.

A simple example for its usage looks like this:

  - /path/to/first/dataset
  - /path/to/second/dataset

  - kind: export
    type: ASCIIExporter
        - dataset1
        - dataset2


Not tested.



Export metadata to yaml file with default name.